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Annual Academy Meeting

J.W. Marriott Hotel-Downtown Indianapolis

The 138th Annual Academy Meeting

March 18, 2023, 7:00 AM-6:30 PM

Registration for the 138th Annual Academy Meeting is now CLOSED.

View the full schedule for the 138th Annual Academy Meeting and all submitted abstracts here: 138thAAM Program Book.

The annual academy meetings of the Indiana Academy of Science bring together 100’s of Indiana and midwest senior and junior scientists from industry and academia, graduate and undergraduate science students, science educators from the state’s public and private high schools and middle schools, and science enthusiasts, for a full day of Indiana science. The Meeting agenda includes nearly two hundred oral and poster research presentations, hot topic presentations, and workshops and panel discussions delivered by experts from in and around Indiana and across the United States.

Sponsored in part by partnering organizations and corporations with the support of Academy members, the annual academy meetings provide an excellent opportunity to network and build relationships with some of the best minds in their fields. 

The annual meetings of the Indiana Academy of Science are the only multidisciplinary scientific meetings that take place in Indiana, sharing the work of anthropologists, botanists, cell biologists, earth scientists, ecologists, engineers, environmentalists, mathematicians, microbiologists, molecular biologists, physicists, astronomers, plant systematic and biodiversity specialists, science educators, zoologists, and entomologists.

Event Details

The Indiana Academy of Science has been an important voice of Indiana science since its inception in 1885. It continues to enjoy a rich tradition of science excellence, as well as a high professional stature with membership that includes many of the state of Indiana’s premier scientists and science educators, and graduate and undergraduate students. It will bring together nearly 500 Indiana scientists, science educators and science students; to share some of this country’s latest developments in scientific research, and practice.

138th Annual Academy Meeting Keynote Speaker

What is this Thing called Science?

 Ed Squires, Ph.D.

In this presentation, we will delve into the history of science both as a concept and as a tool for understanding how the world works.  We will follow the development of science as a way of knowing from trial and error in prehistory, to conceptual understanding in the classical and medieval periods, to the modern application of science as a tool to parse truth from falsehood.  Along the way, we will explore some of the problems that arise when the knowledge produced by science conflicts with the dogma of political or religious authority, the mechanisms of wealth generation, or the wishful thinking of the public.

Dr. Ed Squires is Canadian born, grew up in Upstate New York, received degrees from SUNY Binghamton (BAs in Biology and Geography), Rutgers University (MS in Ecology) and Ohio University (PhD in Botany), and served in the United States Army (SSG Civil Affairs).  His teaching career spanned 40 years and included faculty positions at Taylor University (Indiana), Petrozavodsk State University (Karelia, Russia), George Washington University (DC), and George Fox University (Oregon).  His research interests focused on the temporal-spatial dynamics of natural ecosystems and the application of ecological science in environmental assessment.  His work led to the publication of more than 3 dozen peer-reviewed papers and numerous technical reports.  Squiers’ work led to an appointment as a U.S. Fulbright Scholar attached to the Russian Academy of Science, Forest Institute in Petrovavodsk, Russia.

Squiers’ served the State of Indiana as a member of the Indiana Pollution Prevention Board, the Indiana Heritage Trust, The Nature Conservancy (Indiana Chapter), and the Indiana Academy of Science.  IAS positions included: the Publication Committee, the IAS Foundation, the Bonding Committee, the Science and Society Committee, Chair of the Ecology and the Environmental Science Sections, and President of the Indiana Academy of Science (2000-2001).

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