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Seeking Proceedings Editor



The Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science is the official publication of the Indiana Academy of Science with issues that go back to the Academy’s founding in 1885. The Proceedings editor is an Academy-appointed position with a 3-year renewable term. The editor has responsibility for gathering, editing, and publishing the Proceedings, chairing an editorial board made up of Academy section leadership, and serving on the budget committee of the Indiana Academy of Science.

Reporting to the Council of the Indiana Academy of Science, the Proceedings editor must have effective oral and written communication skills; be able to create and update documents using various electronic applications; read, edit and verify printed and electronic documents and publications; prepare journal copy according to prescribed format; maintain files and records; handle email and telephone inquiry and permissions requests; prepare reports, correspondence; and to be a forward thinker with interest in keeping the Proceedings current and exploring new ways of increasing circulation.

Specifically, as editor of the Proceedings, responsibilities include receiving and acknowledging receipt of submitted manuscripts, contacting potential reviewers, sending manuscripts with instructions to reviewers, editing manuscripts (especially for format of the journal), receiving reviews from the reviewers, organizing all reviews, sending all reviews to the corresponding author with instructions for review, receiving revisions from the author, evaluating the revision against all reviewer and editor comments, accepting the revision or sending it back to the author for further revision, and once the revised manuscript is completed, submitting it to the press.

Working with the press involves submitting manuscripts to their website with any instructions, receiving original proofs from the press, sending proofs to authors with instructions for corrections, collecting and submitting revised proofs to the press, and finally, once received, submitting the revised proofs to the authors. Occasionally, the editor will work with the webmaster to place appendices, etc. on the website. Technical aspects of publication, i.e., costs, number of copies needed, etc., are handled by the Executive Director.

The editor spends approximately 10 hours overall for each manuscript submitted. About eight manuscripts are published per issue, and there are two issues each year. The editor will receive an annual stipend as compensation. The position begins immediately with transitional support provided by the current editor.

Interested individuals should send a letter of interest and resume to IAS Council President Bruce Kingsbury, bruce.kingsbury@pfw.edu. This position will be filled as soon as a suitable candidate is secured. For full consideration, inquiries should be received by Nov. 5.


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