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Biodiversity and Natural Areas

The Biodiversity/Natural Areas Committee shall be composed of up to 12 specialists from the fields of botany, geology, mycology and zoology.  It is the function of the committee to promote the study of natural history with an emphasis on the compilation and publication of data on the biota and natural features of Indiana.  The committee shall conduct activities and advise the Council regarding the enumeration, conservation and preservation of natural areas and biota.  Upon approval by the President, the chair shall populate the committee with qualified individuals.  The chair, appointed by the President, shall serve as The Academy Representative on the Indiana Natural Resources Commission.  The term of office for the chair shall be three years, and may be reappointed.  The chair shall serve on the Budget Committee.


Glene Mynhardt (Chair, 2022-2025)
Brant Fisher (2022-2025)
Paul Rothrock (2020-2023)
Jeremy Sheets (2021-2024)
Scott Namestnik (2021-2024)
Nate Engbrecht (2020-2023)
Joanna Stebing – Student Member (2021-2023)
Marc Milne (2021-2024)
Kamal Islam (2021-2024)
Kyryll Savchenko (2022-2025)
Mark Jordan (2022-2025)


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