The Budget Committee shall be composed of:  members of the Council, Awards committee chair, Biodiversity/Natural Areas Committee chair, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion chair, External Communications Committee chair, Foundation Committee chair, Indiana Community Grants chair, Proceedings editor, Research Grants chair, Special Publications editor, Librarian, Webmaster, and Youth Activities chair.  Others may be present by invitation, but without vote.  The Budget Committee shall meet after the annual meeting date but before May 15th each year to establish the operating budget and to allocate trust income for the following fiscal year.  Revisions of the budget or allocations of trust income may be made by two-thirds of the Council.

Members (2022-2023)

Bruce Kingsbury, Chair and President-Elect
Delores Brown, Executive Director
Zhihai Li, Research Grants Committee
Thomas Dolan, Academy Foundation
Michael Finkler, Treasurer
Paul Doss, Immediate Past President
Jennifer Kowalski, Member-at-Large
Jocelyn Lewis, Librarian
Bill McKnight, Special Publications Editor
Donald Ruch, Awards Committee
Erin Gerecke, Member-at-Large
Michelle Marincel Payne, Secretary
Paul Rothrock, Proceedings
Donald Ruch, Proceedings
Sarah Mordan-McCombs, Webmaster
Glene’ Mynhardt-Biodiversity and Natural Areas Committee
Samina Akbar – Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.


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