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Community Grants Committee

Since 1885, the Indiana Academy of Science has supported the scientific research and science education of our state’s scientists and science students. It is one of the oldest scientific professional membership organizations in the United States, the only multidisciplinary scientific organization in the state of Indiana, and is dedicated to promoting scientific research, diffusing scientific information, improving education in the sciences, and encouraging communication and cooperation among scientists.

For many years, the Academy has been committed to offering science education projects and programs through Indiana community partners. These partnerships have allowed us to touch the lives of many. The Academy is very proud to continue this tradition and has now formalized our INDIANA COMMUNITY GRANTS initiative. Through a careful review process, the leadership of the Academy will work together to award science education community grants to Indiana Academy of Science senior scientists each year. These grants will help provide funding for science education projects and programming by other organizations with similar goals as the Academy, and further the importance of Indiana science.
Delores Brown, Chair
Jessique Haeft
Luke Jacobus
JD Mendez


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