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Science and Society

The Science and Society Committee shall be composed of a maximum of four members:  the Executive Director, who shall serve as chair, and a maximum of three members appointed by the President.  The committee shall advise the Council and organize special events (i.e., symposia, lectures) that are consistent with the object of the Academy.  The committee is authorized to utilize various media for promotion and to solicit financial support for such approved programs.  The Academy will support the programs through appropriation by the Budget Committee.  The Science and Society Committee also shall promote and manage a speaker’s bureau.


Chris Stobart (Chair) (2022-2025)
Benjamin Spears (2022-2025)
Nhan Huynh (2022-2024)
Gregory Shaner (2022-2025)
Edward Clements. (2022-2025)
Michael Homoya (2022-2025)
Trenee Lambert (2022-2025)
Erin McClelland (2022-2025)
Lindee Mason (2022-2025)
Marc Milne (2022-2025)


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