Kitchen Table Science

Teaching from home during COVID-19?  Need a little help with some amazing science?

Members of the Indiana Academy of Science are proud to present: Kitchen Table Science!

The links below are short videos to engage your students in science from around the state and beyond!
These short videos are produced by members of the Indiana Academy of Science,  to include Indiana senior scientists, graduate science students and undergraduate science students from multiple science disciplines. The videos are designed to enhance critical thinking skills through the use of scientific method in addressing a problem that has surfaced in a particular science discipline, graphically present the daily use of science,  or simply share knowledge about a topic of science that is of major interest today.

Rotational Inertia with Dr. Patrick Motl, Indiana University-Kokomo
Regelation Experiment by Dr. Patrick Motl, Indiana University-Kokomo

Human Biology
Forensic Anthropology with students from the University of Indianapolis

Paleoecological Methods with Dr. Anthony Swinehart, Hillsdale College

Graduate Studies
A Day in the Life of a Graduate Student with Mary Woodruff, Indiana University

Undergraduate Research
Undergraduate Research: What it is, Why do it, and How to find opportunities? with Undergraduate Members of the Rubenstein Lab, Ball State University

Resources from the Indiana State Museum
Behind the Scenes: Fossils
Behind the Scenes: The Mann Site
ISM and Historic Sites At Home

State Historical Sites
Gene Stratton-Porter State Historic Site
Limberlost State Historical Site

Astronomy from the Ethos Innovation Center, Elkhart, IN
One Degree of Sky Time
How do astronomers make those amazing images?
Are all stars the same color?
Fun astronomy in the evening
Fun astronomy in the morning
What is the “ecliptic”? Part 1
What is the “ecliptic”? Part 2

Physics Web Resources
Waves: An Interactive Tutorial
Sound: An Interactive eBook

CRISPR-Cas9 Technology – 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry!
CRISPR: Gene Editing and Beyond
Expanding the CRISPR Toolbox – Nature Collections
What is CRISPR? – Paul Anderson, Bozeman Science


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